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    I was training a client yesterday, Sunday, (yeah I KNOW, out of my bed on a Sunday-my ONE day of rest where the most effort I put out is to get up and go pee, eat some more, and lean over to change the movie in my laptop), and I was thinking,

    “Why am I here? Why am I doing this? And WHY am I actually ‘working out’ with this client? My body is sore, I could be taking a hot bath (nah-too much work to fill up the tub!), I really need to foam roll and stretch, hmmm, I could be watchin a movie in bed while eating FRITOS! And instead I’m sweatin buckets while coaching a client AND doing the work side-by-side in a

    • Run the bleachers
    • Drop and give me 50 power pushups
    • Stay down here and hang out in a 2-minute hover on the elbows
    • Move onto 25 jump squats
    • Jog 1 lap around the stadium
    • Repeat

    …..on a SUNDAY?!*#@?”

    Here’s why–because I can.

    I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is, and DO what I encourage my classes & clients to do, “get uncomfortable.” It’s time to put some hustle behind this muscle.

    “Your body is MADE to do this kind of stuff, you’re fortunate to have the gene pool you have and you really have NO idea what you’ve got RIGHT HERE. You are whole, you have both legs and both arms-everything else can be worked with. I know how your body works, I know what will work for you, I can SEE it, all you need is a mirror, and look in it. Then look deeper-THAT’S the real you. Nothing new happens if nothing new is attempted. It doesn’t matter how good YOU think you’re doing, but it DOES matter that you finish what you start. Everybody can quit. What defines you is what you choose to create when the going gets tough. You gonna listen to the negative comments people will have or pursue your dreams and find the support where it serves you? You going to follow a particular path just because it’s always been that way or are you gonna change the story and change the direction of your pursuit?”

    This is what I tell my classes ALL THE TIME while I see their struggle. They choose to turn the fear and struggle into a calm with themselves and this lights a fire to continue. They create new beliefs in themselves-in just an hour!

    So I decided it was time to turn me on me!

    I mean really, am I gonna trip and say “I can’t,” when miss Sarah Reinertsen is a one-legged triathlete? Psssh, who am ‘I’ to say “I can’t?” I will create and find the way to keep myself trying to catch up to HER!!OUT15276117

    This is why the Sunday client. I can step out and create a new platform of drive. I can create a new story. I can strive for greatness. I can jump into another level of mental toughness.

    And I can create another “Sunday,” and do it on another day.

    No, working on Sunday, my only day off, will not remain a constant, but it WILL spike other things. What things? Who knows, but difference creates difference, so I’m gonna head for that difference and keep moving ahead.

    I’m calling you to the same kind of action.

    Get uncomfortable.

    The rewards are beyond what you can imagine if you haven’t ever chosen deliberate difference.

    Find the deliberate difference here:

    The USANA RESET 5-Day High Fiber Cleanse is a DEFINITE way to create difference, and the RESET “Halloween” Challenge is the way to go to jumpstart you annual attempt to “not get fat during the holidays.”

    You’re fat because you choose to be.

    You haven’t “tried everything.” No you haven’t, because you haven’t tried me or what I have to offer.

    You haven’t “tried everything” because you still haven’t taken my offer to you…..many times over…..for my FREE videos and e-books that WILL change your body.

    You haven’t “tried everything” because if you had, ownership, responsibility, discipline and accounability would not be words that make you cringe and wanna start a fight with me about.

    Create your difference here:

    Oh you don’t think I know how you feel? Okay sure. I wasn’t ever fat, I wasn’t a bulimic either. I didn’t make myself suffer and lose 25lbs in one week then literally get sick over it. Nah. I’ve also never been asked “when I was due” and I wasn’t pregnant, never cried in a corner pissed off because nobody understood. I’ve never thrown myself a 60-day long pity party, (I was a rookie), I’ve never blamed EVERYBODY ELSE around me for my boo-hoo life, and I’ve never thought about suicide.

    No, not me. I’m a “perfect” trainer. My life is candy and roses.

    Psssh, you guys need to get over that thing already.

    What you see now IS the real me. But I HAVE tried everything, and found IT. What is “it?”

    You’ll find out when you DO try everything.

    Start here:
    I turned myself on me, now it’s your turn,

    Annette 🙂


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