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    Hey guys!

    You know how I stand behind USANA’s pharmaceutical grade products, one of them being the RESET 5-Day High Fiber Cleanse kit, and have created a “challenge” out of it, right?

    Check out the next one here:

    Well in sharing with people about it, there’s a consistent hesitation that people have about engaging in 5 days that can literally change your life for you.

    So I asked why the hesitation, and here’s what I got:

    1. I can’t afford it.
    2. Its too hard
    3. I don’t think I could live up to it.

    So basically what they’re saying is:

    1. “I won’t make a decision to better myself, I’m afraid.” fear

    2. “I’m not good enough.”deservancy

    3. “I’m gonna fail.”failure


    You see, the ones who take immediate action are the ones who fire, ready, aim..

    And I’ve had a few who HAVE acted in this manner-and have succeeded only to be living a life they truly believed to be possible through a little adjusting and moving in a positive direction.

    So, how do you “switch off” that little voice that really is a thundering roar that says:

    “I won’t make a decision to better myself.”

    (Which means if there’s no decision made, there’s no chance of ‘messing up’ which equals no action thus, no accountability).

    “I’m not good enough.”

    (Which means you do not believe you deserve to be do and have whatever you want).

    “I’m gonna fail.”

    (Which means there are limiting belief systems you carry and hold unto yourself).

    How do you switch it off?lightswitch

    In 3 steps, allow me to share.

    1. Take immediate action to hear yourself saying these things in your own head. Recognize it.

    2. Once you do recognize it (because many of us go throughout our day breathing the negativity into our systems where it becomes no natural, it slips into the subconscious), then you can immediately reverse that thought process into something positive. Something like this:

    • “I can’t afford it, Its too hard, I don’t think I could live up to it.”

    The reversal:

    • “I may not feel like I can do this, I’m only creating more attention to what I believe I can’t do. I am better than that. I can cut a few meals out per week and create the way to afford it. I will hold myself with an integrity higher than I’m used to because I want change, and it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, says or does. I deserve what I want.”

    (The more energy placed on negativity, more energy of that nature you’ll get, and vice versa).

    3. Remember that there is no “try.” Try still leaves a back door-a place to run out if you think you need it. “I’m gonna try it and see how I do.” There’s still doubt there.

    Use this: you either do it don’ it
    Make this your “do it”-

    Do this every single time you hear the noise goin off in your head- you’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll be rerouting the thought process.

    Those who are successful-in anything-know this and act on it.

    I have mentioned the word “action” a few times here….and that is the key.


    Too much thinking paralyzes the brain.

    Action creates more action.take action
    So there you have it, in 3 simple steps: freedom.

    What more could anybody want?

    A great way to start is with the quality of how you physically feel.

    Feel better physically and mentally about yourself here:

    Everything is a choice and once the awareness is harnessed, it can be steered in any direction you choose.

    I believe in you,


    P.S. This can be your step to freedom:

    P.S.S. And you don’t have to wait till after Thanksgiving, you can do it anytime. Fire, ready, aim…..

    fire ready aim


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