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    Everyday occurrences continue to confirm something to me that I already knew. But it’s important for YOU to know this.

    The economy is what you make it.
    Cutting to the chase, I’d like to share about value.

    I used to be in real estate. It was from 2000 to about 2004 or so, during the crazy homes-selling-in-1-hour-for-the-even-more-crazier-prices market.


    My clients would always be asking me, “Annette, how can these people be listing their homes for such ridiculous prices, and then have somebody crazy enough to buy it?” My answer was simple:

    “Each time a home is sold, the buyers are placing value, and they are setting the value of that home and the ones in the area. They believe that the 2 mil they’re paying for this home IS valuable.”

    People will place value on what they find important, and here are a few more examples from my experience:

    • The county one lives in. There are people who live in L.A. County, right? But perish the thought of saying so. They actually live in the city of Whittier in L.A. County. But you ask them where they live and they’ll immediately say “Oh we live in Friendly Hills.” This is the name of a higher income bracket neighborhood in Whittier, within L.A. County.

    • The car one drives. “I drive a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus,” etc.

    • The school one’s kids go to. “Oh my kids graduated from USC,” versus, “they graduated from college.”

    • The labels of clothes one wears. “I got my True Religions from Neiman Marcus-do they match my Jimmy Choos?”

    • A trophy case. “My daughter is a chip off the old blockMedaled in all sports this year.”.

    • A wet bar filled with vintage bottles of cognac, premium port wine and limited edition bottles.

    • The comparisons of the size of the diamond on one’s finger.

    • Even the kind of mafia boss you are on Facebook’s Mafia Wars.

    Well I’m sure you all know where I place my value- -in myself, my health and the encouraged health of others.

    And in creating physical health, generally soon-to-follow is a balance of mental health and spiritual health.

    It’s a shared win-win.

    We all place value somewhere and want to find value in everything we do so, I’m gonna load you up on the value here.

    The New Year is about here and so will be the New Year’s Resolutions to get back to working out, “getting in shape,” and finding a guilt-free New Year’s accomplishment.

    I’d like to see that for you as well. There’s nothing like the smile of a person who finds freedom after accomplishing what was once feared.

    It’s beyond electric.

    In the New Year I will be offering small group training.

    This will be 90% of my profession.

    1-on-1 training will take, for lack of a better word, the back seat.


    Okay, I’ll give you the 100% honest- -that’s the first unit of value I bring: honesty.

    If you had the choice:

    1. Would you rather work for minimum wage or 1,000,000,000 per year?

    2. Would you rather share the most exciting and life-changing stuff with just one person at a time or a larger group of people?
    (And yes, the 1st two are equal in importance to me)

    3. Would you rather have a hard-pressed, stressful weekend getaway because you “owe it” to the family or a 15-day relaxing vacation?

    4. Would you rather have 1 child excel or have ALL your children excel?

    5. Would you rather live in stress or relief?

    If ya don’t get it yet, training 1-on-1 although fruitful, the quality of my life suffers along with my health.

    And that’s where I draw the line.
    Working 15-hour days, 1 client at a time? Ummm, no.

    I’d much rather be with a small group, for all the above reasons and many more awesome reasons I carry.

    “So why don’t you just do a bootcamp, Annette?” Good question-

    For me bootcamps, although can be extremely lucrative, have a different level of integrity in the safety of the people.

    In bootcamps there are a ton of people doing stuff, and I wouldn’t be able to keep my eye on everybody.

    It’s important to me that exercise is getting done, but for the investment, no matter how big or small, the importance is getting it done well is where the gold is.

    People jump into bootcamps with an intense vigor and excitement….and many with pre-existing injuries, or are extremely deconditioned, but come anyway due to the New Year’s resolution, then bust a gut.
    And then they’re benched again, but now in pain.
    My goal is to not only motivate but to educate and correct the pre-existing things so they do not further injure or even experience an initial injury.

    This cannot be accomplished with the size of bootcamp groups.

    And nobody gets hurt.


    But I suppose there is a good side- -I inherit clients from the bootcamps. After hearing about me they come and we train.

    We get them back to 100%. They are no longer benched feeling the physical pain or the emotional pain of not being able to move or that they’re not part of what made them feel as empowered as they wanted to be.

    This IS the gold.
    My integrity and respect of the human body simply demands to get it done with less people, do it better, and above all, keep everybody safe. (The basic “do less do it better” principle)

    That’s why I went on the run the other day. You didn’t read about it OMG it was awesome! Click here to see it:

    Plus in my small group training there’s status & exclusivity. (More on that coming)

    Today is just a prep of what’s to come, and it’s gonna rock! How do I know?

    I once had my palm read and the lady said with a nasaly tone, “dahhhling, you have great fortune ahead of you….everything you touch turns to gold, they won’t be able to resist you.”
    Okay, not really, that’s just what I tell myself every day. (Told you I was honest) 🙂

    My New Year Plan part 1:semi-private training, (small group training), that creates a TON of value for you.

    More New Year excitement headed your way,


    P.S. The economy truly is what you make of it. I mean, how is it that we are SO strapped, people still take their families to Disneyland during the school week, park, eat there AND buy the 300% marked up merchandise?? It’s called “that’s where I place my value.”

    P.S.S. You’re gonna LOVE the value I’m bringing. Prepare to secure your spot. Stay tuned……….


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