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    “What have you done to create your project?”


    Yeah you know, that thing you constantly think, think, think about, wish upon a star about, hope it comes around, think some more about it, and then some more……

    And then it fizzles and dies and then the “thought” process repeats……

    Think, think, think, wish, hope, think, think, think. Fizzle.

    You can’t get any project off the ground by thought alone, right?

    What do you think would have happened if Oprah sat on her thoughts of “one day” becoming a talk show host, multi-GO-zillionare?

    Or if Larry Page and Sergey Brin had sat on their thoughts of creating Google?

    What if your infant (by the way babies have an AWESOME amount of ‘do’ power), only thought of standing and walking while continued to crawl forever?

    These examples above have one thing in common: they WERE thoughts of course but…..

    ACTION followed.

    With action you get more creation, more adapting, more tweaking, more goal-setting, more failures and more opportunities that present themselves to define, refine, and re-do until you are happy with the result.

    (That’s you on the right, your hands creating anythinig you want)

    All because there was action taken in the first place.

    I’m calling you to action:

    “You” are the project.

    Do you think Oprah got it “right” in her early years?

    What about Larry Page and Sergey Brin? One of their adjustments was that Sergey ended up leaving the original Google partnership.

    And your infants-did they end up walking? Yes they did and why?

    Your support, your repeatedly standing them up, watching them do the wobble and fall back down on their butts, and your deliberate action of making them “act” in standing up again.

    They WILL walk.

    Now its time to take all that deliberate action you lovingly spend for your infant, because you truly DO know that they will walk soon, and put it into you.

    The RESET 5-Day High Fiber Cleanse New Year, “I’m Taking Responsibility” Challenge is a plan of action to choose.

    Time to KNOW you will lose the belly fat while gaining true wealth of health and confidence like you haven’t experienced before, in this plan of action:

    1. BE the person to engage in the action of contacting me. Get some free coaching already!

    2. DO a small 5 days of earning.

    (Hint-#1 & 2 is the action plan is just two little steps).

    3. HAVE the absolute joy in the freedom of bringing down the skinny pairs of pants you’ve kept high up in the closet and FIT into them, because you acted on your thoughts.

    Freedom begins here:

    Action means there is no waiting.

    Action means there is no procrastination.

    Action means sure, there may be excuses but YOU MOVE FORWARD ANYWAY.

    It’s called deliberate intent and creation.

    Move forward anyway on your project.

    The project is you.

    And you really DO matter.

    Yes you do.


    P.S. There is no need to wait till the deadline to act. Act now. Believe in you, because I do.

    Believe and click here:


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