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  • 07:44:01 pm on January 3, 2010 | 0
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    ALRIGHT PUMPKINS, it’s down to the wire and I’m calling you out individually as a group (does that make sense?!?!?!)

    So tomorrow, Jan 4th is the order deadline, and if your name is included on this email, you are ill-equipped in setting yourself up for success in the “I’m taking responsibility” RESET Challenge.

    So the brass tacks:

    1. If you ARE waiting for tomorrow–why?
    2. Jump on it now.
    3. Living in the “now” creates more “now.” Not what it was like “yesterday” (when you were in high school and college and it was soooo easy to get a flat stomach) ~OR~ “tomorrow” that “‘one day ‘ I will be skinny and feel better about myself.’
    4. Now is now. That’s Coaching 101.
    5. There is shipping time involved, remember that when planning for absolute success.
    6. Self-sabotage sucks.
    7. Quit it already.

    Did you guys check my social calendar on Facebook? It says I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow. 🙂

    Check it here:

    Sure, I’ll be accessible, just not as much as always, and your coaching WILL begin tomorrow if you have joined the group (no worries, I got your backs).

    Now that you know this, I’d suggest you take a good look at your normal ammo in preparation and follow through–maybe there’s some 11th hour re-evaluation to be done?

    NO SELF SABOTAGE in waiting till the 11th hour, believing that you “missed” the deadline, then scramble to get a hold of me and I happen to not answer you immediately, then you panic……

    And give up.

    Citing that “you missed it again, maybe next time.”

    You didn’t miss it, you sabotaged yourself.

    That was Coaching 101A. 😉

    Say no to self-sabotage:

    Stand up tall.

    Breathe in all the power that surrounds you that comes from you.

    Michel de Montaigne said:

    “Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.”

    I believe in the ever-present power we are born with and bringing it to the surface to shine.

    It’s time to shine!

    Join us on the “I’m Taking Responsibility” RESET Challenge.

    Order deadline is tomorrow, January 4.

    And I also like dressing up the word valor because I can so………….

    Here’s to your “magnificent” valor,


    P.S. Valor starts here:


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