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    Now what’s the excuse?

    Too hot?

    Too cold?

    It’s raining?

    It’s snowing?

    It gets dark too early?

    Nobody loves me?

    When is it going to be “my turn?”

    “Jack in the Box was the closet thing”

    “I can’t afford it”

    “If I just had a …. (you fill it in)……I’d be a better person.”

    Excuses are great, yeah really they are! They are the greatest enablers of what you call the “lifestyle” that fits you.

    They will create anything you choose to believe in.

    They will also push you to BE more, DO more and HAVE more.

    And that “more” goes in any direction you choose!

    And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    LIVE I say!

    Live your life in the comfort of over spending.

    Live your life in the comfort of “My girlfriend didn’t make me dinner so I went to Tommy’s.”

    Live your life in the comfort of complacency.

    Live your life in the comfort of diving into Flamin Hot Cheetos and tequila!

    Live, period.

    There is nothing wrong with your choices.

    There is nothing wrong with choosing comfort over accountability.

    And there’s nothing wrong with being a diabetic, have high blood pressure, being overweight that exacerbates the knee injury, the back
    injury or the ankle sprain either.

    Unless there’s something wrong with it to you.

    “I’m going to die anyway so screw it,” you say.


    It’s like when you’re out with friends who drink too much and you’re telling them, “stop drinking, stop drinking,” and all they do it get belligerent.

    Nah, I say “here, have another double.” It’ll make them pass out and then they won’t want to fight anymore. Call the cops, let em get locked up, released on O.R., and that relieves you of babysitting them.

    “Did you just say that Annette?”

    Of course I did!

    You cannot change their behavior, nor is it your duty to.

    They enjoy how they live so again…..LIVE!

    But you don’t have to be a part of it, because you make your own choices.

    That’s the beauty of living—choice.

    But a gentle word about the excuses- –

    After asking yourself the question, “how have my choices been working for me” and the answer you give yourself is less than what you call stellar, you have this choice to make- –

    Click here for deliberate difference:

    Yes, it’s the “Just in Time For Spring” RESET Challenge.

    It’s a total body cleanse.

    Its 5 days.

    It’s 1500 calories per day (or more).

    It can re-route what you feel about many things, and shrink the sexy giggle-giggle of your belly with each step you take.

    The coaching is fabulous.

    You’re not alone.

    And if you’re truly choosing “you” for a lifestyle of confidence, greatness and continually expecting a higher level, this is a ticket to choose from.

    Just In Time For Spring RESET Challenge:

    Come out and play, or create an excuse that you believe serves you,


    P.S. Deadlines are a great tool. The deadline for the RESET Challenge is this Sunday. YES it’s Valentine’s Day…..what’s the big deal?

    Click here:


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