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    A few weeks ago I was asked by the owner of the private gym I train at, to train his boot camp this past Saturday.

    Of course it was an easy decision, so I added my own small group training clients into the mix, and asked for the help of another trainer friend of mine.

    Everybody started arriving with this funny look on their faces–I could only guess it was terror, as I had the privilege of training them once before?


    Well the thing is, they came back knowing I was a guest trainer.

    That says a TON about their character.

    I put the final touches on the circuit and also put on my military voice. Then we headed from the inside of the gym to the outside, to give them the lay of the land and what was expected of them.

    “Form is EVERYTHING here ladies. If you’ve been coming to train but are still not seeing the results you came in expecting to get, let’s consider a few things: the fat in between your thighs. If you don’t like it, then do this station like this. If you’re done with the belly dripping over into the muffin top, keep your feet here when doing this. You’ll feel the soreness and spike a different result. And if you’re still cryin about MENOPAUSE and you woke up 15lbs heavier and it just won’t go away, consider this…..INTENSITY IS KEY. Ya gotta jump out of your comfort zone and GET uncomfortable. Its pretty simple.”

    So I continued to demonstrate the exercises at each station while showing options for safety and to either increase or decrease the intensity, and I was listening in the background to their muttled chatter as to why they couldn’t execute that particular exercise.

    Ooooh I got fired up and bellowed…..

    “Oh ‘BOO-HOO’ I can’t do that because….., I can’t do that one either because……, oh she expects me to do THAT?! No friggin way am I gonna do THAT,” I projected with my best sarcasm. And then I demanded,

    “Okay, tell me why you can’t. WHY is this SO unattainable for you miss carpal tunnel, miss fibromyalgia, miss no cartilage or meniscus? PLEASE SHARE why you miss ‘my back hurts right here every time I do that exercise so I just don’t do it anymore’ WHY you can’t? I believe I just offered, with a special invite on top of that, for each and every issue you have each told me about, an option that will not hurt you but rather SERVE you and deliver the results you want so now…….WHY CAN’T YOU DO IT?”

    Silence and giggles. And one final exercise instruction from me:

    “Oh and by the way, after you reach this station, you’re running to the beach and back.” (‘The beach’ is actually Beach Blvd., and its .6 miles to and from the gym).

    They heard that and immediately thereafter came the grand, harmonized symphony of moans & groans.

    And then I delivered the “speech.” One of my favorite ones.

    The 90% mental, 10% physical speech.

    “Guys here’s the thing–you have GOT TO BELIEVE this is an attainable goal. A HUGE key to success is the simple belief and re-routing the negative about WHATEVER you are telling yourself and allowing to fill your brain to the point of crippling behavior, into the thing that makes you believe success is eminent. Training is 90% mental and 10% physical. PERIOD. All this B.S. you’re pouring into your heads that “you can’t do this, you can’t do that,” is the EXACT thing you’re going to produce. Today I invite you to cut the bulls**t and EXPECT more of yourself–because completing today’s format is what the movies like Rocky are made out of. Strive for a greater goal from yourself. Do what your body IS able to do, not what it “can’t.” TELL YOURSELF exactly what you’re going to do, then do it. Now grab your station, we start in 5, 4, 3, 2…….”

    So what 12 things about all this impressed me?

    12 people.

    12 people impressed me by their ability to show up.

    And on time.

    12 people impressed me who within 8 minutes of pre-training instruction, fear of the unknown to the actual instruction and what to expect, to coaching of the mind set that was readily available to use, to the execution of the first station up to the last, decided they were going to change the fear faces they were wearing.

    12 people impressed me who chose difference and because of it not only completed the course, but couldn’t believe they actually DID it, and they were beaming with the awesome sense of accomplishment only the kind of work they did can produce.

    They stood sweaty.

    They stood taller.

    They stood with confidence.

    They stood proud.

    They earned it.

    Because they chose it.

    Thank you Joe for trusting us with your clients.

    They killed it.

    You guys want some of this?

    You want to belong to a group of people who are continually striving for the best out of themselves?

    Choose my Small Group Training.

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    The group that chooses a level of excellence rather than mediocrity, the group that sure, trains hard but then eats like a cow & drinks like a fish over the weekend and comes back for redemption on Monday, are the ones who will continually feel like they can do anything. And actually “do” it.

    Its a special group who chooses belief over fear.

    Its an exclusive group who takes action instead of the back seat.

    Its the “no excuses” group that continually finds me to train with.

    90% mental/10% physical.

    Click here for it:

    Sure its gonna hurt a bit, but with every single training, you’ll find the pain leaving, the greatness entering, and your clothes fitting.



    P.S. See all the cool bonuses here as well when training in my Small Group Training:

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