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    Your big fat gut won’t go away, you’ve tried “everything,” (“OH YES I HAVE,” you say with conviction).

    And you’re going to fight me too with all 300 excuses and reasons with things you’ve tried:

    Diet pills Diet Gatorade
    Diet Coke Diet Water
    Diet beer Diet French fries (so the package said)
    Diet candy Diet coffee
    Diet cheese Diet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
    Diet yogurt Diet blueberry pancakes
    Diet pizza Diet cosmetic surgery
    Diet bread Diet vacationing
    Diet magazines Diet face cream
    Diet Sketcher shape up shoes Diet cellulite cream
    Diet Spanx Diet skinny jeans
    Diet Gum Diet Tic Tacs
    Diet body wraps Diet facial peels
    Diet sunless tanning cream Diet whirlpool spas
    Diet 100 calorie packs Diet breakfast burritos
    Diet starving Diet caramel dipped apples

    ….and I am positive you’ve experienced favorable results with these and the many other things you have tried.

    So, what happened? Did you starve to fit in the wedding dress, get married and then decide it was time to blow up again?


    You’ve gotten your gym membership (from the guy who looks, speaks and acts like a used car salesman), that you’ve used three times so far this year, but you feel GREAT about spending the enrollment fee (it was on sale for chrissakes and it was the FINAL DAY ((the 1000th final day of the thing too)), and keep paying the monthly fee because it makes you feel like you’re getting something done of course).

    Yes I understand.

    You also have your friend to go walking with but it gets dark too early in the day and heaven forbid you get up before going to work to walk, (still dark, I get it). And what happened to taking clothes with you to work, or at least a pair of tennis shoes to walk in during lunch?

    • Oh I get it, you only get an hour for lunch and you have to go across the street to buy a lunch that will stick to your already complaining muffin top, and you’ll barely have enough time to eat by the time you get back. (Uh huh, I get it).
    • No wait, you can’t because it’s too hot outside and you have to go back to work. (I get it, really).
    • Oh hold on, what about going to the already planned, there for you THREE DAYS A WEEK, Pilates/strengthening class, that’s in your office building on the 3rd floor out of 6 floors total, that all you’ll need to do is walk over to it, that your employer is providing you—for FREE? (Yes, I provide some of this FREE training that you somehow can’t make it to).

    Perhaps the gym membership is only “good” when your friend goes with you and if that friend doesn’t go with you………you can’t go because it’s just not that fun and perish the thought you grow some initiative and go on your own. (I see.)

    Maybe you have a gym membership but you regret buying it because only dummies work out in a “gym,” where you’d much rather exercise outside in the gorgeous elements and commune with nature, rocks, mud and lush green hills, and the smart money says it won’t cost you anything. But you haven’t taken one step outside in this effort because….because…. ummmmm. (And you haven’t cancelled your gym membership yet. Yes, the gyms LOVE your kind. Just keep giving them your money in the “hope” that either you’ll go back one day or “just in case” you cannot get an outdoor workout in, you’ll actually use that god-forsaken membership. And you bought one for your significant other too). (Yeah, I hear ya).

    And of course going to exercise, wherever, after work is absolutely impossible because you have kids, got to pick them up, make dinner, (a quick stop at Taco Bell), do homework, (that they do on your way to driving them to practice), get home, hope to say “boo” to your male OR female spouse (who never helps with the household chores OR carting kids anywhere), and pray to squeeze in some “me” time before it all begins again the next day. (Oh NOW I’m getting it).

    So let me get this straight:

    You’re saying you have absolutely zero time- -ZERO time- – to get any kind of exercise in, period, and there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY that you can eat better because it costs too much, (but WOW are you willing to pay a few hundred bucks a month for the meds you can’t do without, but you really ‘could’ do without given clean food and exercise- -but we won’t go there), but instead send me emails on Facebook telling me your story of how you:

    • “Just can’t get it together.”
    • “My doctor is putting me on meds.”
    • “I have not been motivated to go to my gym. I have high blood pressure and love salt. So I know what I need to do, but I am scared to work out too hard. My eating is the big thing. I don’t know what to eat.”
    • “Well I bought the treats for the kids and they didn’t like it so I HAD to eat it so as not to waste food.”
    • “So by Saturday evening, my left knee didn’t feel too good. I babied it a little bit. By Sunday morning couldn’t hardly walk.. Went to the doctor’s and took X-rays and found out I have Arthritis in my left knee…It’s a lot, and probably in my other joints, but concentrated on just my knee for, on meds, and still limping, feeling better, but now know my weight loss is a must… Any suggestions please let me know….I can still exercise, just not as much hard impact and so many days….Talk to u soon…”
    • “I’m fully aware that I need to lose weight, I just….I just can’t seem to do it.”

    …..and still there’s hesitation to do what’s good for you.

    Yup, I get it.

    “No Annette I don’t even have 10 minutes to do anything and besides, what the hell good is 10 minutes anyway?”

    And my favorite:

    “I can’t afford it.”

    You’re always looking for a discount….because you believe you deserve it.

    So you’re saying that I can also deliver discount services, correct?

    I’ve heard it a million times too: “If somebody would just give me a handout, train me for free and see that I REALLY DO want to lose weight. Ohhh I wish I wish I wish that could happen to me. Can’t they see the real me? Can’t they see that I would do all the workouts they gave me and keep it forever?”

    Deep breath.

    So I’ve even catered to this mentality by offering free training.

    For 6 weeks during the holidays I trained 6 people for FREE. I gave them their own meal plans for FREE. I gave them the best trainer tips, input, training strategies they could ever get, (because they told me that I did).

    Would you like to know what happened after the 6 weeks of training with me, 6 weeks of email coaching, exact structure of how, what and when to eat, after the constant encouragement of how to continue their progress AND I even threw in an added lifetime discount that would make you slap your forehead in amazement, ($3.46 per training)?

    Here it comes.

    Only 1 returned.

    Their reasons are many to include “I can’t afford it” to “I was scared to come in after being gone for so long.”

    And that’s okay, as long as you are comfortable with your choice/s.

    Truth time.

    You may not embrace this, and honestly, that’s your issue.

    In a nutshell:

    There’s nothing “wrong” with you.

    What you’re looking for is a quick fix, a “wake up and the transformation will be there,” an instant gratification.

    You’re lazy.

    You’re afraid.

    Earning isn’t in your vocabulary, self worth hasn’t been realized.

    Stop being a puss.

    You’ve tried “everything,” right?

    Cool, so now do something different.

    INVEST in a coach because apparently everything you’ve done on your own hasn’t worked, right?

    And do it for more than 5 minutes this time.

    INVEST your time because apparently (again), you HAVE done everything and it hasn’t worked, correct?

    It is said a habit is built in 21 days. I say build a GREAT and LASTING habit. Take at least 3 months to do it, and if you feel you need more time than that, take it. Prepare for it. Make a plan for it.

    Focus on the behavior, not the result.

    Pretty simple here, it’s the behavior.

    Look at what you do and how you do it, and you’ll quickly see that you look like your behavior.

    This creates accountability.

    You can take the accountability in one of three ways:

    1. Self hate and throw a pity party. Hell, invite ALL your victim friends, it’ll be fun!
    2. Say F it, I’m gonna die anyway. OR…..
    3. Change the behavior

    Who or what are you giving the power to?

    Umm, why?

    Start here, Small Group Training w/Annette:

    Oh that doesn’t work for you?

    Okay, go here, Fire It Up w/trainer Annette:

    That doesn’t work for you either?

    Okay, go here and scroll down, Personal Training w/Annette:

    That doesn’t work for you either?

    Then take your BUTT outside and move it.

    The solution:


    The results are continually the side effect of the behavior.

    Now bring it,


    P.S. Three ways to do it:
    1. Small Group Training w/Annette:
    2. Fire it Up w/trainer Annette:
    3. Personal training w/Annette:

    P.S.S. Nothing happens without action. NOTHING.
    P.S.S.S. Stop being a puss


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