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    If you’re not serious about training, I’m not going to waste your time, and I’m certainly not going to let you waste mine.

    Of course I believe you truly want change.

    Of course I truly believe you mean what you’re saying.

    Of course I truly believe YOU believe you’re desperate to “get in shape” and “turn over a new leaf” and that “you DO want a lifestyle change.”

    Of course you do.

    So I spend a 1.5 hour in-person meeting with you.

    I answer all your questions, we both get excited after we set up your first training (the free one). I follow up for the next week with instructional text messages, supportive emails and a TON of coaching too!

    Our first free training comes around and….

    You don’t show up.

    Now I would LOVE to know what promotes that, but instead, this is how I now weed out all the potential for lost time and energy and crappy clients, and train the clients who really ‘do’ want to make a change.

    This blog is for those who are thinking about training with me and want to inquire, your friend gave you my number and email address but somehow, for some reason, you haven’t called yet.

    It might be scary to ask questions, and I understand.

    So the way I put it is simple: you’re gonna get weeded out before I allow you to waste my time, OR your “seriousness” will shine through, in 3 steps, and 15 minutes.

    1. The phone call.

    • We set up a time to have about a 15 minute conversation.
    • During this short time I will ask you a few questions and find out the REAL reason why you want to train. And truth be told, it’s almost never to “lose weight.” Some answers I’ve heard go much deeper (after I dig a bit) like, “I want to impress my girlfriend, she’s hot, but don’t tell my wife,” (who I happen to train as well). Or, “I have my 20 year reunion and I don’t want to look like a loser.” Yeah, stuff like that.

    2. I want to know if you’re truly aware of the investment of time, money and personal motivation that it takes to be a great client and get into amazing shape.

    3. I don’t want any wishy-washy people here. You need to be able to make a commitment to the program I’m offering and after you do the trial training, the only reason you would not sign up with me is because you don’t like me or the training you received. (Which I know wouldn’t ever be the case).

    So here’s how the 15 minute, weed-out conversation goes….

    Annette: “So, why are you calling to sign up with a trainer?” (Followed by 5 or 6 more questions to find the real reason).

    Then I want to know how invested you are. I want a “yes” after each of these questions before moving on to the next one:

    • Its going to take 2-3 days of working with a personal trainer, is that something you can commit to?

    • You’ll also d to have 2-3 days on your own of mostly cardio and metabolic work, which I will provide for you. Is this something you can fit into your schedule?

    • In order to see the results that you want, you’ll need to commit to the program for at least 6 months. Is this something you can do?

    • You’ll need to commit to a 85% healthy nutrition plan, which I will help you with. Are you willing to change your eating habits to become healthier?

    • The average program prices are between $____ and $____ per month. Is that something that you can budget?

    • Is there anyone else you need to speak to in order t make this decision (husband, wife, family, etc) or is this your own choice?

    Then we schedule their trial training.

    After we schedule it, I DELIBERATELY tell people that at the end of the training I’m going to ask them if they can commit to the program, and they can tell me yes or no.

    • ABSOLUTELY I want to eliminate the “I have to go home and think about it,” stuff. It’s a stalling technique, nah. I tell them it will not hurt my feelings in the least and I know I gave them my absolute best during the training so, no hard feelings.

    (We’re still on the 15 minute phone call here).

    So upon ending the phone call, I will reiterate all their goals and ask if that is correct.

    I will also get the person set up on EFT, (electronic funds transfer, just like how you receive your paychecks—direct deposit), so the ease of getting paid monthly, without the hassle of having to beg and remind the client that “it’s a new month now, can you please pay me,” is completely eliminated, and payment occurs without fail.

    So that’s it.

    If there is any hesitation to my fully mapped out “what to expect from me” in a free consultation and creating “GREAT” clients, then you have been weeded out,and nobody’s time or energy gets wasted.

    No B.S.

    Plain old truth.

    And the truth is what I will provide for you, straight forward, consistently, PERIOD.

    Integrity is the foundation with which I work, and if you can provide the same, we will reach your goals together.

    I’m a trainer.

    I’m a great trainer.

    And like attracts like.

    Come n get some,


    562 650 2395


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