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    I have a quick sec and I’m here at a Starbucks writing this out before I go check out Clash of the Titans in 3D!

    What happened this morning while teaching my favorite cycle class at 24 Hour Fitness La Mirada?


    And I got to see it unfold, it was awesome.

    Here’s exactly how it happened:

    1. I set the tone as all GREAT instructors know how to do. (Oh you haven’t heard yet—I am great? Psssssssh—I’m Wonder Woman, yes, really).
    2. Shoulder blades were pulled back
    3. They were pushed down into their back pockets
    4. Bellies were tight
    5. Pelvic cores were engaged
    6. Wrists were straight and firm
    7. Lights went out
    8. Music rolled
    9. Everybody was in

    Each Friday we create the environment of challenge, determination and intensity to rival the best cycle student to the first time novice.

    Everybody can play. There is no fear in my classes, because we welcome, we embrace the knowledge that accomplishment is eminent.

    No questions asked.

    And that knowledge swims around the entire room like magic as we ride up the imaginary hills, through the valleys of endurance while we sprinkle speed traps here and there.

    All is under a controlled resistance, patterned breathing, and “we can rest later.”

    The magic is in the people.

    We are made of 100% electric energy.

    And they know it.

    They come to the best class on the planet. How do I know?

    Because they keep coming.

    They don’t have to.

    Some even pay to reserve their spot 3 weeks at a time.

    The attendance to the class SAYS it’s the best cycle class on the planet.

    And they expect to come and receive the challenge, feel the fear leave as soon as it showed up, and BE the visual that is given them be it the freedom a horse feels while charging open field with its mane waving in the wind, the freedom & relief a de-cluttered space gives or the freedom that believing in one’s self to leave mediocrity behind and reach for the higher places and perch gifts to us, the freedom is there.

    They reach for it.

    They strive for it.

    They hunt for it.

    They do not surrender.

    But I cannot make them do it.

    I wish I could, but that’s not up to me—is it?

    The magic is when they choose.

    When they choose to put their ego aside. (You know, that thing that allows fear to creep in by using phrases like, “I can’t do it,” “I can’t take another gear are you kidding,” “you want me to what??”).

    When they choose to ride to be free.

    Free in their thoughts.

    Free in their hearts.

    When they choose to BE free in that higher place.

    And then everybody is riding on the back of the magic swirling around the room.


    Their choice is what makes it so powerful.

    You can choose this same power, and you don’t even have to come to class, (although that would be cool!).

    Choosing you, ownership of you is where the power lies.

    Without excuses.

    Without fear.

    Click here and you can find this power too:

    It’s called SELF empowerment.

    And it only takes 5 days.

    No, I cannot make you do it.

    The good news is, you don’t “have to” do anything—ever.

    Only the ones who are ready are the ones that choose the magic.

    Even if they’re scared.

    Desire spikes everything to happen.

    You can join us to for the next RESET Challenge here:

    Would love to welcome you and guide you on how to embrace the knowledge of accomplishment as well.

    All the coaching that comes with the Challenge ensures it.

    It will empower you.

    If you’re ready…..and you choose it.

    Creating success to last a lifetime,

    Annette 🙂

    P.S. If you come to Friday cycle and/or came today and wanna leave a comment below about your experience—awesome!! Spreading the magic is what creates more of it.
    562 650 2395



  • lori 2:11 pm on April 2, 2010 | # | Reply

    What imaginary hills? I may be hallucinating but I can feel them, see them & my legs would beg to differ. The magic u talk about is the pure exhilleration & empowerment from just being there; because you can’t be there without rocking the house. You are truly a blessing in the world of fitness & instruction. Thank you for always delivering the best,. It is always welcomed.

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