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  • 01:23:17 pm on April 2, 2010 | 1 | # |
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    I have a quick sec and I’m here at a Starbucks writing this out before I go check out Clash of the Titans in 3D!

    What happened this morning while teaching my favorite cycle class at 24 Hour Fitness La Mirada?


    And I got to see it unfold, it was awesome.

    Here’s exactly how it happened:

    1. I set the tone as all GREAT instructors know how to do. (Oh you haven’t heard yet—I am great? Psssssssh—I’m Wonder Woman, yes, really).
    2. Shoulder blades were pulled back
    3. They were pushed down into their back pockets
    4. Bellies were tight
    5. Pelvic cores were engaged
    6. Wrists were straight and firm
    7. Lights went out
    8. Music rolled
    9. Everybody was in

    Each Friday we create the environment of challenge, determination and intensity to rival the best cycle student to the first time novice.

    Everybody can play. There is no fear in my classes, because we welcome, we embrace the knowledge that accomplishment is eminent.

    No questions asked.

    And that knowledge swims around the entire room like magic as we ride up the imaginary hills, through the valleys of endurance while we sprinkle speed traps here and there.

    All is under a controlled resistance, patterned breathing, and “we can rest later.”

    The magic is in the people.

    We are made of 100% electric energy.

    And they know it.

    They come to the best class on the planet. How do I know?

    Because they keep coming.

    They don’t have to.

    Some even pay to reserve their spot 3 weeks at a time.

    The attendance to the class SAYS it’s the best cycle class on the planet.

    And they expect to come and receive the challenge, feel the fear leave as soon as it showed up, and BE the visual that is given them be it the freedom a horse feels while charging open field with its mane waving in the wind, the freedom & relief a de-cluttered space gives or the freedom that believing in one’s self to leave mediocrity behind and reach for the higher places and perch gifts to us, the freedom is there.

    They reach for it.

    They strive for it.

    They hunt for it.

    They do not surrender.

    But I cannot make them do it.

    I wish I could, but that’s not up to me—is it?

    The magic is when they choose.

    When they choose to put their ego aside. (You know, that thing that allows fear to creep in by using phrases like, “I can’t do it,” “I can’t take another gear are you kidding,” “you want me to what??”).

    When they choose to ride to be free.

    Free in their thoughts.

    Free in their hearts.

    When they choose to BE free in that higher place.

    And then everybody is riding on the back of the magic swirling around the room.


    Their choice is what makes it so powerful.

    You can choose this same power, and you don’t even have to come to class, (although that would be cool!).

    Choosing you, ownership of you is where the power lies.

    Without excuses.

    Without fear.

    Click here and you can find this power too:

    It’s called SELF empowerment.

    And it only takes 5 days.

    No, I cannot make you do it.

    The good news is, you don’t “have to” do anything—ever.

    Only the ones who are ready are the ones that choose the magic.

    Even if they’re scared.

    Desire spikes everything to happen.

    You can join us to for the next RESET Challenge here:

    Would love to welcome you and guide you on how to embrace the knowledge of accomplishment as well.

    All the coaching that comes with the Challenge ensures it.

    It will empower you.

    If you’re ready…..and you choose it.

    Creating success to last a lifetime,

    Annette 🙂

    P.S. If you come to Friday cycle and/or came today and wanna leave a comment below about your experience—awesome!! Spreading the magic is what creates more of it.
    562 650 2395

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    If you’re not serious about training, I’m not going to waste your time, and I’m certainly not going to let you waste mine.

    Of course I believe you truly want change.

    Of course I truly believe you mean what you’re saying.

    Of course I truly believe YOU believe you’re desperate to “get in shape” and “turn over a new leaf” and that “you DO want a lifestyle change.”

    Of course you do.

    So I spend a 1.5 hour in-person meeting with you.

    I answer all your questions, we both get excited after we set up your first training (the free one). I follow up for the next week with instructional text messages, supportive emails and a TON of coaching too!

    Our first free training comes around and….

    You don’t show up.

    Now I would LOVE to know what promotes that, but instead, this is how I now weed out all the potential for lost time and energy and crappy clients, and train the clients who really ‘do’ want to make a change.

    This blog is for those who are thinking about training with me and want to inquire, your friend gave you my number and email address but somehow, for some reason, you haven’t called yet.

    It might be scary to ask questions, and I understand.

    So the way I put it is simple: you’re gonna get weeded out before I allow you to waste my time, OR your “seriousness” will shine through, in 3 steps, and 15 minutes.

    1. The phone call.

    • We set up a time to have about a 15 minute conversation.
    • During this short time I will ask you a few questions and find out the REAL reason why you want to train. And truth be told, it’s almost never to “lose weight.” Some answers I’ve heard go much deeper (after I dig a bit) like, “I want to impress my girlfriend, she’s hot, but don’t tell my wife,” (who I happen to train as well). Or, “I have my 20 year reunion and I don’t want to look like a loser.” Yeah, stuff like that.

    2. I want to know if you’re truly aware of the investment of time, money and personal motivation that it takes to be a great client and get into amazing shape.

    3. I don’t want any wishy-washy people here. You need to be able to make a commitment to the program I’m offering and after you do the trial training, the only reason you would not sign up with me is because you don’t like me or the training you received. (Which I know wouldn’t ever be the case).

    So here’s how the 15 minute, weed-out conversation goes….

    Annette: “So, why are you calling to sign up with a trainer?” (Followed by 5 or 6 more questions to find the real reason).

    Then I want to know how invested you are. I want a “yes” after each of these questions before moving on to the next one:

    • Its going to take 2-3 days of working with a personal trainer, is that something you can commit to?

    • You’ll also d to have 2-3 days on your own of mostly cardio and metabolic work, which I will provide for you. Is this something you can fit into your schedule?

    • In order to see the results that you want, you’ll need to commit to the program for at least 6 months. Is this something you can do?

    • You’ll need to commit to a 85% healthy nutrition plan, which I will help you with. Are you willing to change your eating habits to become healthier?

    • The average program prices are between $____ and $____ per month. Is that something that you can budget?

    • Is there anyone else you need to speak to in order t make this decision (husband, wife, family, etc) or is this your own choice?

    Then we schedule their trial training.

    After we schedule it, I DELIBERATELY tell people that at the end of the training I’m going to ask them if they can commit to the program, and they can tell me yes or no.

    • ABSOLUTELY I want to eliminate the “I have to go home and think about it,” stuff. It’s a stalling technique, nah. I tell them it will not hurt my feelings in the least and I know I gave them my absolute best during the training so, no hard feelings.

    (We’re still on the 15 minute phone call here).

    So upon ending the phone call, I will reiterate all their goals and ask if that is correct.

    I will also get the person set up on EFT, (electronic funds transfer, just like how you receive your paychecks—direct deposit), so the ease of getting paid monthly, without the hassle of having to beg and remind the client that “it’s a new month now, can you please pay me,” is completely eliminated, and payment occurs without fail.

    So that’s it.

    If there is any hesitation to my fully mapped out “what to expect from me” in a free consultation and creating “GREAT” clients, then you have been weeded out,and nobody’s time or energy gets wasted.

    No B.S.

    Plain old truth.

    And the truth is what I will provide for you, straight forward, consistently, PERIOD.

    Integrity is the foundation with which I work, and if you can provide the same, we will reach your goals together.

    I’m a trainer.

    I’m a great trainer.

    And like attracts like.

    Come n get some,


    562 650 2395

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    Seriously, this past Sunday was an invitation to all the victims, all the boo-hoo’ers and complainers on the planet.

    The pity party was for me.

    See, for the last 2 years I have been living on my own, the first time ever.

    Yeah, I got married at 23, (after knowing the guy for 5 minutes–okay, 1 week, really!), lived in the married house until I left in 2000.

    I finally filed for divorce in 2005 I think (what took me so long anyway??), sat on it for no real reason, and finally got legally divorced this past Jan 28th!

    And finally moved out in 2008 because….

    The ex agreed to pay my rent, right? And then he decided he’d come around, whenever it was “good for him” to come around and drop me some cash, which usually meant beyond the deadline date making rent “late.”

    I was welcomed almost monthly with 3-day pay or quit notices on my door, (boy that always feels good), and then there he’d come on day 5 with rent, expecting to be praised for saving the day.

    So why didn’t the court order him to have it come out of his check and avoid all the drama, you ask?

    Because he refused to sign anything that attached him to anything thus, the cash payments, and me leaving with just my fabulous name, Padilla!

    I allowed this late pattern to continue while I rested in the “comfort” of believing he’d come through monthly, and I worked with less drive for creation because I didn’t “have to,” I was receiving rent so, no problem.

    But this time I chose to wait for his “saving the day” for 1.5 months. It involved 32 “I’ll call you in a bit and we’ll get rent done” texts, (yeah really), 6 “I’m not close to you right now, I’ll call you back as soon as my tire is fixed,” phone calls, 11 more texts that said “I’m in church about 2 miles from you and I’ll call you when I’m done and we’ll get rent paid,” and 1 voice mail that said, “I’ll meet you at Outback for the exchange, I’ll call you as soon as I get there.”

    And no, he didn’t show.

    Well the “comfort” of the follow through of all these messages didn’t happen.

    Notice I quoted “comfort?”

    It was no comfort at all, and what I really was creating was an acceptable pattern of “lack.”

    Fast forward to now.

    Today is Tuesday March 9th.

    I had plans to go to San Diego this weekend for a trainer conference.


    But instead I am moving out of my place.

    The place that I love, the place that brought me warmth and comfort.

    Because I chose to accept a pattern of complacency and lack, and rent is still not paid.

    Yep, I’m going back to Canfield Dr.

    And coming to terms with me allowing myself to accept all this crap, along with making peace of leaving to go back home again meant feeling like an a$$ and beating myself up with all the mental chatter.

    And my buddy Grey Goose was there every step of the way.

    After giving myself the gift of the pity party however, (3 hours), I woke up the next day and made a decision.

    Its time to cut the bulls**t and focus on MY behavior.

    So I did. Here’s what I’m doing:

    1. I’m taking 21 days and removing the habit of the ex-period. All thoughts of “maybe there IS good in him,” etc., etc., etc., are not for me to entertain anymore. I’m sure there IS good there, but that’s not for me to wonder about or hope for, as it keeps me connected to him. It doesn’t serve me.

    2. Going to get to what I’ve been “meaning to get to” for the past 8 months–and actually DO it. It’s new marketing stuff for training.

    3. Stop being a doormat. You’d think with the way I carry myself and what I project (power, accomplishment, strength), that these things wouldn’t happen, right? (At least that’s what I’ve been told). Well, even Wonder Woman has spots to improve on. 😉

    4. I’ve already checked out the next place I’d like to live in-way cool!

    The points here are:

    • Pity parties are fun
    • They have their time & place
    • But now I’m done with that
    • What can be viewed as failure is not being taken AS failure
    • But rather an opportunity to get my a$$ in another gear and make whatever I want.
    • I’ve always had this opportunity.
    • But got complacent.
    • And now I am exercising my power to redirect my focus.
    • And it’s making me even more awesome than I already am, and creating more opportunities.

    Yeah I threw the best pity party EVER.

    And there’s nothing wrong with throwing the party, daily if you want to.

    But that’s not for me.

    I’m better than that, and I’m happy to share part of my life to convey that message.

    And the results I get are in direct response to my behavior.

    This is another call to action for you.

    Throw the pity party, or find some accountability, ownership and responsibility with yourself and move forward.

    Click here for opportunity #1:

    Click here for opportunity #2:

    You always have a choice.

    Yes you do.


    P.S. Focus on the behavior:
    P.S.S. And your results will reflect your exact behavior:

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    Your big fat gut won’t go away, you’ve tried “everything,” (“OH YES I HAVE,” you say with conviction).

    And you’re going to fight me too with all 300 excuses and reasons with things you’ve tried:

    Diet pills Diet Gatorade
    Diet Coke Diet Water
    Diet beer Diet French fries (so the package said)
    Diet candy Diet coffee
    Diet cheese Diet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
    Diet yogurt Diet blueberry pancakes
    Diet pizza Diet cosmetic surgery
    Diet bread Diet vacationing
    Diet magazines Diet face cream
    Diet Sketcher shape up shoes Diet cellulite cream
    Diet Spanx Diet skinny jeans
    Diet Gum Diet Tic Tacs
    Diet body wraps Diet facial peels
    Diet sunless tanning cream Diet whirlpool spas
    Diet 100 calorie packs Diet breakfast burritos
    Diet starving Diet caramel dipped apples

    ….and I am positive you’ve experienced favorable results with these and the many other things you have tried.

    So, what happened? Did you starve to fit in the wedding dress, get married and then decide it was time to blow up again?


    You’ve gotten your gym membership (from the guy who looks, speaks and acts like a used car salesman), that you’ve used three times so far this year, but you feel GREAT about spending the enrollment fee (it was on sale for chrissakes and it was the FINAL DAY ((the 1000th final day of the thing too)), and keep paying the monthly fee because it makes you feel like you’re getting something done of course).

    Yes I understand.

    You also have your friend to go walking with but it gets dark too early in the day and heaven forbid you get up before going to work to walk, (still dark, I get it). And what happened to taking clothes with you to work, or at least a pair of tennis shoes to walk in during lunch?

    • Oh I get it, you only get an hour for lunch and you have to go across the street to buy a lunch that will stick to your already complaining muffin top, and you’ll barely have enough time to eat by the time you get back. (Uh huh, I get it).
    • No wait, you can’t because it’s too hot outside and you have to go back to work. (I get it, really).
    • Oh hold on, what about going to the already planned, there for you THREE DAYS A WEEK, Pilates/strengthening class, that’s in your office building on the 3rd floor out of 6 floors total, that all you’ll need to do is walk over to it, that your employer is providing you—for FREE? (Yes, I provide some of this FREE training that you somehow can’t make it to).

    Perhaps the gym membership is only “good” when your friend goes with you and if that friend doesn’t go with you………you can’t go because it’s just not that fun and perish the thought you grow some initiative and go on your own. (I see.)

    Maybe you have a gym membership but you regret buying it because only dummies work out in a “gym,” where you’d much rather exercise outside in the gorgeous elements and commune with nature, rocks, mud and lush green hills, and the smart money says it won’t cost you anything. But you haven’t taken one step outside in this effort because….because…. ummmmm. (And you haven’t cancelled your gym membership yet. Yes, the gyms LOVE your kind. Just keep giving them your money in the “hope” that either you’ll go back one day or “just in case” you cannot get an outdoor workout in, you’ll actually use that god-forsaken membership. And you bought one for your significant other too). (Yeah, I hear ya).

    And of course going to exercise, wherever, after work is absolutely impossible because you have kids, got to pick them up, make dinner, (a quick stop at Taco Bell), do homework, (that they do on your way to driving them to practice), get home, hope to say “boo” to your male OR female spouse (who never helps with the household chores OR carting kids anywhere), and pray to squeeze in some “me” time before it all begins again the next day. (Oh NOW I’m getting it).

    So let me get this straight:

    You’re saying you have absolutely zero time- -ZERO time- – to get any kind of exercise in, period, and there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY that you can eat better because it costs too much, (but WOW are you willing to pay a few hundred bucks a month for the meds you can’t do without, but you really ‘could’ do without given clean food and exercise- -but we won’t go there), but instead send me emails on Facebook telling me your story of how you:

    • “Just can’t get it together.”
    • “My doctor is putting me on meds.”
    • “I have not been motivated to go to my gym. I have high blood pressure and love salt. So I know what I need to do, but I am scared to work out too hard. My eating is the big thing. I don’t know what to eat.”
    • “Well I bought the treats for the kids and they didn’t like it so I HAD to eat it so as not to waste food.”
    • “So by Saturday evening, my left knee didn’t feel too good. I babied it a little bit. By Sunday morning couldn’t hardly walk.. Went to the doctor’s and took X-rays and found out I have Arthritis in my left knee…It’s a lot, and probably in my other joints, but concentrated on just my knee for, on meds, and still limping, feeling better, but now know my weight loss is a must… Any suggestions please let me know….I can still exercise, just not as much hard impact and so many days….Talk to u soon…”
    • “I’m fully aware that I need to lose weight, I just….I just can’t seem to do it.”

    …..and still there’s hesitation to do what’s good for you.

    Yup, I get it.

    “No Annette I don’t even have 10 minutes to do anything and besides, what the hell good is 10 minutes anyway?”

    And my favorite:

    “I can’t afford it.”

    You’re always looking for a discount….because you believe you deserve it.

    So you’re saying that I can also deliver discount services, correct?

    I’ve heard it a million times too: “If somebody would just give me a handout, train me for free and see that I REALLY DO want to lose weight. Ohhh I wish I wish I wish that could happen to me. Can’t they see the real me? Can’t they see that I would do all the workouts they gave me and keep it forever?”

    Deep breath.

    So I’ve even catered to this mentality by offering free training.

    For 6 weeks during the holidays I trained 6 people for FREE. I gave them their own meal plans for FREE. I gave them the best trainer tips, input, training strategies they could ever get, (because they told me that I did).

    Would you like to know what happened after the 6 weeks of training with me, 6 weeks of email coaching, exact structure of how, what and when to eat, after the constant encouragement of how to continue their progress AND I even threw in an added lifetime discount that would make you slap your forehead in amazement, ($3.46 per training)?

    Here it comes.

    Only 1 returned.

    Their reasons are many to include “I can’t afford it” to “I was scared to come in after being gone for so long.”

    And that’s okay, as long as you are comfortable with your choice/s.

    Truth time.

    You may not embrace this, and honestly, that’s your issue.

    In a nutshell:

    There’s nothing “wrong” with you.

    What you’re looking for is a quick fix, a “wake up and the transformation will be there,” an instant gratification.

    You’re lazy.

    You’re afraid.

    Earning isn’t in your vocabulary, self worth hasn’t been realized.

    Stop being a puss.

    You’ve tried “everything,” right?

    Cool, so now do something different.

    INVEST in a coach because apparently everything you’ve done on your own hasn’t worked, right?

    And do it for more than 5 minutes this time.

    INVEST your time because apparently (again), you HAVE done everything and it hasn’t worked, correct?

    It is said a habit is built in 21 days. I say build a GREAT and LASTING habit. Take at least 3 months to do it, and if you feel you need more time than that, take it. Prepare for it. Make a plan for it.

    Focus on the behavior, not the result.

    Pretty simple here, it’s the behavior.

    Look at what you do and how you do it, and you’ll quickly see that you look like your behavior.

    This creates accountability.

    You can take the accountability in one of three ways:

    1. Self hate and throw a pity party. Hell, invite ALL your victim friends, it’ll be fun!
    2. Say F it, I’m gonna die anyway. OR…..
    3. Change the behavior

    Who or what are you giving the power to?

    Umm, why?

    Start here, Small Group Training w/Annette:

    Oh that doesn’t work for you?

    Okay, go here, Fire It Up w/trainer Annette:

    That doesn’t work for you either?

    Okay, go here and scroll down, Personal Training w/Annette:

    That doesn’t work for you either?

    Then take your BUTT outside and move it.

    The solution:


    The results are continually the side effect of the behavior.

    Now bring it,


    P.S. Three ways to do it:
    1. Small Group Training w/Annette:
    2. Fire it Up w/trainer Annette:
    3. Personal training w/Annette:

    P.S.S. Nothing happens without action. NOTHING.
    P.S.S.S. Stop being a puss

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    A few weeks ago I was asked by the owner of the private gym I train at, to train his boot camp this past Saturday.

    Of course it was an easy decision, so I added my own small group training clients into the mix, and asked for the help of another trainer friend of mine.

    Everybody started arriving with this funny look on their faces–I could only guess it was terror, as I had the privilege of training them once before?


    Well the thing is, they came back knowing I was a guest trainer.

    That says a TON about their character.

    I put the final touches on the circuit and also put on my military voice. Then we headed from the inside of the gym to the outside, to give them the lay of the land and what was expected of them.

    “Form is EVERYTHING here ladies. If you’ve been coming to train but are still not seeing the results you came in expecting to get, let’s consider a few things: the fat in between your thighs. If you don’t like it, then do this station like this. If you’re done with the belly dripping over into the muffin top, keep your feet here when doing this. You’ll feel the soreness and spike a different result. And if you’re still cryin about MENOPAUSE and you woke up 15lbs heavier and it just won’t go away, consider this…..INTENSITY IS KEY. Ya gotta jump out of your comfort zone and GET uncomfortable. Its pretty simple.”

    So I continued to demonstrate the exercises at each station while showing options for safety and to either increase or decrease the intensity, and I was listening in the background to their muttled chatter as to why they couldn’t execute that particular exercise.

    Ooooh I got fired up and bellowed…..

    “Oh ‘BOO-HOO’ I can’t do that because….., I can’t do that one either because……, oh she expects me to do THAT?! No friggin way am I gonna do THAT,” I projected with my best sarcasm. And then I demanded,

    “Okay, tell me why you can’t. WHY is this SO unattainable for you miss carpal tunnel, miss fibromyalgia, miss no cartilage or meniscus? PLEASE SHARE why you miss ‘my back hurts right here every time I do that exercise so I just don’t do it anymore’ WHY you can’t? I believe I just offered, with a special invite on top of that, for each and every issue you have each told me about, an option that will not hurt you but rather SERVE you and deliver the results you want so now…….WHY CAN’T YOU DO IT?”

    Silence and giggles. And one final exercise instruction from me:

    “Oh and by the way, after you reach this station, you’re running to the beach and back.” (‘The beach’ is actually Beach Blvd., and its .6 miles to and from the gym).

    They heard that and immediately thereafter came the grand, harmonized symphony of moans & groans.

    And then I delivered the “speech.” One of my favorite ones.

    The 90% mental, 10% physical speech.

    “Guys here’s the thing–you have GOT TO BELIEVE this is an attainable goal. A HUGE key to success is the simple belief and re-routing the negative about WHATEVER you are telling yourself and allowing to fill your brain to the point of crippling behavior, into the thing that makes you believe success is eminent. Training is 90% mental and 10% physical. PERIOD. All this B.S. you’re pouring into your heads that “you can’t do this, you can’t do that,” is the EXACT thing you’re going to produce. Today I invite you to cut the bulls**t and EXPECT more of yourself–because completing today’s format is what the movies like Rocky are made out of. Strive for a greater goal from yourself. Do what your body IS able to do, not what it “can’t.” TELL YOURSELF exactly what you’re going to do, then do it. Now grab your station, we start in 5, 4, 3, 2…….”

    So what 12 things about all this impressed me?

    12 people.

    12 people impressed me by their ability to show up.

    And on time.

    12 people impressed me who within 8 minutes of pre-training instruction, fear of the unknown to the actual instruction and what to expect, to coaching of the mind set that was readily available to use, to the execution of the first station up to the last, decided they were going to change the fear faces they were wearing.

    12 people impressed me who chose difference and because of it not only completed the course, but couldn’t believe they actually DID it, and they were beaming with the awesome sense of accomplishment only the kind of work they did can produce.

    They stood sweaty.

    They stood taller.

    They stood with confidence.

    They stood proud.

    They earned it.

    Because they chose it.

    Thank you Joe for trusting us with your clients.

    They killed it.

    You guys want some of this?

    You want to belong to a group of people who are continually striving for the best out of themselves?

    Choose my Small Group Training.

    Click here to see it:

    The group that chooses a level of excellence rather than mediocrity, the group that sure, trains hard but then eats like a cow & drinks like a fish over the weekend and comes back for redemption on Monday, are the ones who will continually feel like they can do anything. And actually “do” it.

    Its a special group who chooses belief over fear.

    Its an exclusive group who takes action instead of the back seat.

    Its the “no excuses” group that continually finds me to train with.

    90% mental/10% physical.

    Click here for it:

    Sure its gonna hurt a bit, but with every single training, you’ll find the pain leaving, the greatness entering, and your clothes fitting.



    P.S. See all the cool bonuses here as well when training in my Small Group Training:

    Annette Padilla
    Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach
    Cell (562) 650-2395 for your FREE e-book!

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    Okay really, this is the deal that most people won’t tell you, but I will.

    A “trick” to marketing is learning how to connect with people at a core level.


    Yeah like:

    • Want to please the parents
    • Want to be accepted among society

    These are 2 easy ones that can go a ton of places, here’s how.

    • As a man, you do not want to be a “disappointment” to your father. You’ve heard it enough through life and no matter how painful each occurrence of “son, you are a disappointment to me” is, the son still wants the approval of the father for something that he found really cool.
    • To be accepted among society can mean you shop only at Nordstroms. Maybe you’re fierce about making your holiday purchases online from only Allen Brothers catalog, then hire a staff to prepare your gourmet holiday feast for 12 to the tune of 5,000.00, and when your friends compliment you on the fabulous meal you tell them “Oh yeah I only buy from Allen Brothers, they are the BEST.”

    These are just two examples, and I’d like to share another with you:


    The definition of Lent by


    In the Christian church, a period of penitential preparation for Easter, observed since apostolic times. Western churches once provided for a 40-day fast (excluding Sundays), in imitation of Jesus’ fasting in the wilderness; one meal a day was allowed in the evening, and meat, fish, eggs, and butter were forbidden. These rules have gradually been relaxed, and only Ash Wednesday — the first day of Lent in Western Christianity, when the penitent traditionally have their foreheads marked with ashes — and Good Friday are now kept as Lenten fast days. Rules of fasting are stricter in the Eastern churches.

    So for those who want to keep with their core values, they are choosing something to “give up,” something to “discipline” themselves to for 40 days.

    Some choices I have heard:

    • Facebook
    • Sweets after dinner (Thanks Val!)
    • Television
    • Starbucks (my question to them would be: “Does that mean you’re excluding ALL caffeine or just trips to Starbucks?”) C’mon guys….I gotta ask!

    See the point?

    People are choosing to give up something they have a habit for.

    People are choosing a particular discipline to engage with for 40 days.

    And it signifies a lot to that person.

    It’s kind of like a “challenge”

    What these disciplines will do is remind the person that they actually CAN have discipline for something they find valuable.

    And I think that’s cool.

    May share my truth & purpose about this message?

    If you can choose a discipline, for FORTY days, something that when you wake up on Easter morning you’ll feel so much better about that, you “made it,” something that will reaffirm your core value of the religious partaking in Lent, may I offer you within the 40 days you’re choosing discipline for….

    an included 5 days of a sure thing?

    Just 5 days (included with your already planned 40) that will truly give you a sense of:

    • “I made it”
    • “I can be proud of myself”
    • “I did it”
    • “There’s now something I can truly be proud of ”
    • “I earned this one”

    …and you’ll do it in 5 days.

    RESET Challenge can provide this for you.

    Now let me count the ways this could be of benefit to your already awesome decision to yourself for 40 days….

    1. Those of you giving up the chocolate, caffeine and sugar will have absolutely NO problem finishing the 40 days off of sugar after the short 5 that RESET provides. Why?
    a. Because RESET removes the cravings FOR the sugar!!
    b. Your system “resets” itself and you’re SO good to go!

    2. The habit that you have already chosen to implement- -for FORTY days- – will be enhanced with the 5 days RESET provides.

    3. RESET truly IS a Challenge that you will be proud of, be it instead of or in addition to the one that is either not-so-much of a “loss” to you in the next 40 days or the one that is of challenge to you.

    It can be that simple.

    So this is the message I’d like to share with you- -take the RESET Challenge.

    The only deadline has already been placed, by you: 40 days, ending on Easter.

    That means the pressure to “join us by ….. date” is already done by you.

    This year do Lent with deliberate and alternate, accountable action.

    Bring it on guys, this one will make your father and your circle of influence proud of you.

    And the most important thing, YOU will be proud of you.



    P.S. See the details here, remembering that the only deadline placed is the one you have already chosen, so there’s no more fear of a deadline.

    Click here:

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    Now what’s the excuse?

    Too hot?

    Too cold?

    It’s raining?

    It’s snowing?

    It gets dark too early?

    Nobody loves me?

    When is it going to be “my turn?”

    “Jack in the Box was the closet thing”

    “I can’t afford it”

    “If I just had a …. (you fill it in)……I’d be a better person.”

    Excuses are great, yeah really they are! They are the greatest enablers of what you call the “lifestyle” that fits you.

    They will create anything you choose to believe in.

    They will also push you to BE more, DO more and HAVE more.

    And that “more” goes in any direction you choose!

    And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    LIVE I say!

    Live your life in the comfort of over spending.

    Live your life in the comfort of “My girlfriend didn’t make me dinner so I went to Tommy’s.”

    Live your life in the comfort of complacency.

    Live your life in the comfort of diving into Flamin Hot Cheetos and tequila!

    Live, period.

    There is nothing wrong with your choices.

    There is nothing wrong with choosing comfort over accountability.

    And there’s nothing wrong with being a diabetic, have high blood pressure, being overweight that exacerbates the knee injury, the back
    injury or the ankle sprain either.

    Unless there’s something wrong with it to you.

    “I’m going to die anyway so screw it,” you say.


    It’s like when you’re out with friends who drink too much and you’re telling them, “stop drinking, stop drinking,” and all they do it get belligerent.

    Nah, I say “here, have another double.” It’ll make them pass out and then they won’t want to fight anymore. Call the cops, let em get locked up, released on O.R., and that relieves you of babysitting them.

    “Did you just say that Annette?”

    Of course I did!

    You cannot change their behavior, nor is it your duty to.

    They enjoy how they live so again…..LIVE!

    But you don’t have to be a part of it, because you make your own choices.

    That’s the beauty of living—choice.

    But a gentle word about the excuses- –

    After asking yourself the question, “how have my choices been working for me” and the answer you give yourself is less than what you call stellar, you have this choice to make- –

    Click here for deliberate difference:

    Yes, it’s the “Just in Time For Spring” RESET Challenge.

    It’s a total body cleanse.

    Its 5 days.

    It’s 1500 calories per day (or more).

    It can re-route what you feel about many things, and shrink the sexy giggle-giggle of your belly with each step you take.

    The coaching is fabulous.

    You’re not alone.

    And if you’re truly choosing “you” for a lifestyle of confidence, greatness and continually expecting a higher level, this is a ticket to choose from.

    Just In Time For Spring RESET Challenge:

    Come out and play, or create an excuse that you believe serves you,


    P.S. Deadlines are a great tool. The deadline for the RESET Challenge is this Sunday. YES it’s Valentine’s Day…..what’s the big deal?

    Click here:

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