Happy Friday guys! I’m sitting here getting my hair done at the salon, and yes, I’m working from my Black Berry-MAN I love this thing! Work will be over for me soon, but wanted to get this out first, and its an extension of this morning’s cycle class motivation I shared at the end of class:

“You’ve always had the power”always had the power

Did you guys see my new shirt I posted on Facebook a few days ago?? Click here and check out “my photos”:


I got it last weekend and I just LOVE it because it’s true: YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD THE POWER…..

But I didn’t know it.

The short: I believed only what I allowed myself to believe.

• I believed my “place” in life was small.
• I believed there was only “so much” I could have.
• I believed that living bigger was only for the “rich” people.

Come to find out those beliefs weren’t a reality; they were a chosen belief, by me.

When I realized this, I had to take immediate and massive action to create a belief system that only I could relate to, and what worked for me.

From that grew my favorite phrases:

• “Because I can”
• “Work out like a girl”
• “Do less do it better”

And when I start to get discouraged by surrounding circumstances and things constantly being verbally paraded around like the ever-overdone fear of the “swine flu,” the “Oh my god the economy is going to be the death of us all,” and the constant “did you get your flu shot,” I go back home to what works for me, the 3 phrases above.

We are what we create for ourselves, period.

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This is what is experienced during the RESET Challenge, the creation of ourselves. Our biggest fears are put front and center, self-accountability is actually nurtured and learned and ownership of who we truly are is realized.

This person is the real you. This person is the one we crave to be. This person is the most powerful essence of magnetic energy that touches everything around you, and then everything turns to gold.

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I had to add this, check out what one of my clients had to say, and she is STILL kicking butt after the RESET Challenge, and a couple other things. It’s testimony time! testimony

“Training with Annette,

I actually met Annette after I had my back injury about 6 years ago. I was advised by my doctor not do any rigorous workout. I was only allowed to do yoga. I was devastated; I was used to running twice a week, kickboxing three times a week and cycle class one time a week. Then I met Annette and I took her Tuesday night yoga class. She was tremendously helpful even offered to talk to my doctor so she could have a better idea regarding my back injury. I was doing yoga one time a week for about 6 months and she would always stay after class if I needed extra help with cool down and stretches. Then eventually she became my personal trainer.

Personal training with Annette; and I will be honest with you was very spontaneous. I can’t tell you how many times she had me and my friend in the middle of the gym doing the most unusual moves. Weekly personal training is personalized it’s tailored on your capabilities and goals. People would often stop and look at what we were doing. Often making comments like “oh my gosh” “dude you guys are tough” or the frequent “back for more”. We came back once and at times twice a week because we saw results. Personal training was often accompanied with pep talk and Annette assessing our eating habits. She was tough on us and it worked. If you don’t mind the usual name calling to get you motivated then Annette is for you. She is a drill sergeant. She meant business and she took no prisoners.

I then graduated from personal training and once week yoga and added her Body Pump class to my work out routine after I was given an ok by my doctor. Class usually consisted of Annette yelling in the middle of the routine getting us motivated and telling me ways I need to correct myself. Annette’s motto and you will hear it all the time is “do less do it better.” She always had our best interest countless times she would remind me about my back and at times would even leave the stage to correct my posture. The funny thing is she is more than just a personal trainer she is our life coach, at times our therapist, and always a friend.

Now after years of working out with Annette, she also added the RESET cleanse program to reset my metabolism and cut the craving. Another confession, I am stubborn and for years she told me that it’s my eating habit that was preventing me from losing more weight. Well she was right and after doing the Reset Program, I have lost 15 pounds within the last 2 months just by changing what I ate. I lost my craving for sweets and carbs. After 6 years of working with her I continue to take her classes and she continues to surprise us every week. So I leave you with some advice be ready to work, to be surprise and to sweat like a pig. My motto now after working with Annette is “shut up and work out.”

~Jinger Alvarez

I invite you to join us on the next RESET Challenge.

Deadline is October 11

I’d love to come to your workplace during lunch to share the magic of the RESET Challenge with your group. We’ll need just 30 minutes.

What is the value you place on meeting the real you, who you really were meant to be?

Do you believe you could genuinely experience life on a higher level?

To be do and have and continue at a higher level for as long as you choose, is less than:

• A monthly tank of gas (that runs out)
• A monthly cell phone bill (that you run over the minutes on)
• A monthly gym membership (that you don’t use)
• A shopping day at Costco (where because you buy in bulk, you eat more–because its simply “there” but you don’t really need)
• A Target run just for milk (where you spend way more than necessary in stuff you won’t use)
• Eating out 3 to 4 days a week (where it adds up but because there’s been no accountability or ownership, and the spending goes to junk food that makes you….fat. “I only had a cup of noodles for lunch” you said. No problem, if it’s working so well for you, why are you gaining weight?

I’m including two bonus 30-minute phone coaching sessions in this next Challenge, and that’s on top of all the bonuses!

And I guarantee your results. If you don’t experience results, I’ll refund you 100%.

However, you do your part you cannot fail.

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May I suggest you gather your information and schedule for us to meet on the phone?

•You are in control of you.
•You always have been.

You’ve always had the power,