Okay seriously, its RARE that I actually SAY what’s ‘really’ on my mind about this topic, but today I just CANNOT help it.

See, not only am I an awesome personal trainer, but I’m also an exceptional group fitness instructor.

Really, ask anybody.

So when I teach and train, it is forever my goal to provide perfection in execution, from me to my clients & classes, thus encouraging the recipients to reach for higher goals and EXPECT more of themselves-while receiving superior attention to detail TO AVOID INJURY so they can continue to come back w/out any lull due to BEING INJURED due to lack of attention and/or education!!!!


So there I was, like any other day at one of the big box gyms I work out and teach at which I will NOT name, (but it sounds like 24Hour Fitness) and by now throughout the years it has been about 15,000 times I’ve made these trips to and from, and there it was……

As I see it EVERY time I go.

NEVER fails.

Consistently there and it makes me CRINGE….

A two-year old trainer standing back watching, ALLOWING his client do the STUPIDEST thing EVER….

The JACKASS dead lift.

Oh you didn’t know there was such a thing?

Sure, its called 45lb free bar, 45lb weights on each side of the bar, feet wide, toes pointed out like a ballerina, locked up knees like a FLAMINGO!, slumped shoulders all wrapped up with the Quazimoto slouch that rivaled even the hump of a camel.

And there was the client, doing exactly what the trainer was telling him to do.


Now what I really wanted to do was grab the bar from the client, and effing CHUCK it at the trainer, but instead I turned a blind eye (for the 27 GO-ZILLION th time), and went on my way.

Is it the trainers fault?


To me its the clubs issue for hiring this way and not follow up with supervision but rather, have a heartbeat to continue to bring in another dollar. A trainer can get certified after a 2-3 hour course and guess what…..


Its a cattle call for the most part when working at the big boxes, and as long as there are people paying, we will have the 2 year olds to train them.

Well all I KNOW I can say is this:

You train with me, this won’t EVER happen.


Which is why I train in small groups.

You can see how we “do” my Small Group Training here: http://wp.me/pmtrp-cS

And again, ask anybody.

Okay, I’m done venting, thanks for listening on this one! 🙂

Let me know what you guys think about this below!